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  • 08/05/2005
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Hello everyone.
I was just catching up today. I haven’t checked in, in a while. I have been a busy girl. For you new ladies, I have been around Family Said probably about the same time as catskilldog, I think. Well, three fire seasons now anyway. I did live in Texas, but my FF and I moved to Colorado last December. He works on a Shot crew in Alaska. I must say, I really admire a lot of you for standing by your man, supporting them and what they do, and being so proud of them. I am proud of what my FF does, and I stand by him, but I feel like I might be a little more selfish than you guys about it. I hate the time apart. But I think part of the difference is that he works out of Alaska, not where we live. So I don’t get to see him every two weeks, or 21 days. I feel like that would be much more tolerable and maybe that will be the case next summer. Anyone with connections to Colorado Shot crews, let me know. He would love to get a job down there. Also, his cellphone pretty much never works on AK fires so we go extended periods without even talking. Luckily, I have seen him twice since early May, 9 days total. I’m thinking there is a possibility of his season ending earlier than usual so maybe I will get him back early. That would be a dream! Like he says, one day at a time…. one day at a time. Looking at the expanse ahead of you can just be too overwhelming can’t it?! And you women out there having babies or being pregnant while they are gone, I especially admire you. That is very brave and strong!! I don’t think I could do it. Kudos to you!

To catch you up on my whereabouts and doings, I am actually writing to you all from Panama right now. Yes, Panama. I quit my job in Colorado so that I could go travel for 6 weeks, 2 of which will be spent at a Spanish language school in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. So I got into Costa Rica on 8/1 and came down to Panama for a week to sightsee, by myself. Then I go back to Costa Rica this weekend and start my language school on Monday. I will be living with a local Costa Rican family. After that, my brother comes down and we will travel together for 2 weeks. Then my mom, uncle, and brother’s girlfriend come down for a week at a resort. You can see I planned plenty of distraction for myself while my FF is away. That being said, and I told him this too, I would give it all up if I could have him instead. Yeeshh…..I miss him like crazy! Isn’t it funny how some days it is totally fine, and others you miss them so terribly that it is barely tolerable?! This is what I find anyway.

I’m in Boquete, Panama, right now. It is in the highlands and is very beautiful. Google it and you will see. :)

You guys take care and wish I could join ya to chat! Ciao.

Taz Girl

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