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  • 08/02/2005
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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hi girls ( and guys? are there any out there?),

sorry i missed the chat. i have been without my FF since may 30. he has been in touch wiith me often — calling late at night since we are in different time zones and actually, quite often in between (i’m wanted, i’m wanted!! hah hah!). he is my best bud, and i miss him a lot, but i know that he is sooooo happy to be working a lot! and hanging out with some buddies he hasn’t seen in a long time. (shhhh…..by the way, that means getting really drunk with them — for all you new girls) the past couple of days have been very quiet since he went to idaho. i can’t wait ’til he comes home next weekend. i am like a kid on christmas morning waiting to open my present! yea!

well, i have been here (wildlandfire.com) now for three years and plan to be around for awhile. new girls, (by that i mean new to FF SO’s) over time, you will realize how awesome it is to be with someone who is dedicated to being a WWFF and why. anyway, i’m sure some of you don’t know what i mean, but it’s actually kind of cool if you realize what you have. i was talking to my sister today and telling her how proud i was of my hubby FF and that i think that our time apart was actually a good thing and (gasp!) she agreed. she thought that couples needed time apart to discover themselves and also she brags about her brother in-law (that would be my man) and how ‘cool’ he is — **sigh**. well, DUH, i do that all the time. i’ll spare you guys from my braggin about my FF hubby, except for the fact that i love him and i wish i was FF’n out there with himl, but someone’s gotta make some serious money to support our motorcycle, gun, skiin’ and who knows what else hobbies!!! anyway, i hope you all are doing well. i have to say, for you ladies having babies while man is away, i fully respect you. i have no idea what that experience is like. i am here, though, for anyone who wants a positive ear!

hope you and you FF’s are safe and you are enjoying life!! over and out –

~~ catskilldog ~~

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