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  • 10/20/2016
  • Jelf

Everyone that owns a cell phone should have an easy way to quickly display accurate coordinates showing their location. You never know when this might be extremely useful.

FindMeSAR (https://FindMeSAR.com) runs in your browser and usually in under 30 seconds will display your coordinates and an accuracy value of 10 meters or better. It works on both iOS and Android.

If you draw a circle at the coordinate and use the accuracy value for the radius then there is supposed to be a 95% chance that you are inside that circle.

The “Next format” button loops through 4 coordinate formats including USNG (U.S. National Grid). Each coordinate format is on a different colored screen.

FindMeSAR uses a coding technique called “appcache”. This means the first time you open the app it will be saved on your phone or tablet. You can then use the app offline. The app includes an icon you can save on your home screen so the app is easy to start.

If you happen to be online when you run the app then when you tap the “Stop” button your elevation will be displayed. This will take a brief period since the elevation has to be retrieved from a federal server.

The app remembers which format was on the screen when you close the app and that format will be displayed the next time you open the app.

I am the developer. FindMeSAR is a public service and part of my way to ‘pay it forward’. For more information please open the app and tap the “About” button.

Just today I saw the first reported use. Two lost hikers in New Mexico were asked to browse to findmesar.com and were found by the SAR team “within a few meters of the reported coordinates.” Here is the report on this successful SAR mission: http://atalayasar.org/node/478

I am always happy to answer questions.

Joseph Elfelt
Redmond, WA

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  1. Zeke
    October 23, 2016 Reply

    Thanks! We’ve got to keep things simple, and I like that this app doesn’t try to do too much.

  2. Dave Sandbrook
    March 3, 2017 Reply

    A thousand other apps do the same thing, and more.

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