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  • 04/08/2014
  • Marty Alexander
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Good day Ab.
Thought readers might be interested in the fact that Mark Heathcott (Calgary,  AB), Stan Harvey (Prince George, BC) and I are currently in Sweden doing some  fire behaviour training.

Best regards,
Marty Alexander
Leduc County, Alberta

Rough translation from Ab…
Training on forest fires, almost 6 years after the large forest fire in  Hassela raged
Now the Hassela Fire has become an interesting example for a training on  extreme forest fires and their behavior.
The large the forest fire of Hassela ravaged the area almost 6 years ago. It’s  an interesting education about extreme forest fires and fire behavior, an  education which is directed by Canada’s leading experts in the field.
It’s no coincidence that the Hassela Fire has been chosen as the example of and  the location for the weekly training.

The rapid rate of spread and high flames mean risks. We have a lot to learn, which is why we chose Hassela, says Annie Johansson who is the organizer and one of the lecturers in education.

Marty Alexander is one of the architects of the Canadian fire risk management  system, a system that has been used to combat fires in Canada, New Zealand and  the United States.

The development started about 75 years ago and it’s built on looking at the effects of both weather and forest fuels, says Marty Alexander, one of the Canadian forest fire specialists who lectures during the training.

We have not, of course, had so many of the large forest fires and when they  happen, we don’t have this experience in dealing with them, says Tommy Lindgren  from Medelpads räddningstjänstförbund (the management service whose specialty is  emergency rescue).

After a week of training, we hope private landowners and the National Board of Forestry and Emergency Services know more about what affects a fire’s behavior. The question is whether the Canadian system would have been able to predict or limit the fire of Hassela.
Yeah, I think maybe, based on the burning conditions, the weather, and the fuels we might have caught it on the day one, if you knew the potential was there.

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Mange takk, Marty. Så svinger vi på sidelen igjen! Skål! Ab.

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