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  • 11/21/2017
  • Robert Moreno SNF

If you are out on the fireline, you should be paid for time monitoring radio and maintaining LCES. Do NOT ! And I repeat.. DO NOT add the break at the end becaust that would be falsifying times which IS a Fireable offense and you are not meeting 2/1 work rest. What i have done is simply find out who is ordering the 30 minute break and simply write this in the comments: LCES NOT IN PLACE FOR 30 MINUTES DUE TO MANDATORY MEAL BREAK ORDERED BY DIV X,Y, Z or OPERATIONS OR TIME UNIT.

they will want this off the CTR ( which is legal documentation that goes in the DOC Box for the fire) So fast you will be astonished how fast their tune will change.

trust me, i have done this before and was asked on several occasions to remove the comment and just claim the meal break. Remember, you have to write in the comments COMPENSIBLE MEAL BREAK OF 30 minutes. That is the language the time unit understands as it is in the IIBMH. Interagency Incident Business Management Hand Book.

So do us all a favor and grow a set and lets all collectively put this injustice to our already underpaid firefighters TO BED !


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  1. techs672
    November 25, 2017 Reply

    What Robert says.
    1) If you cannot shuck all your PPE, turn off your radios, and forget about hopping up for a routine or urgent work activity for the next 30 minutes — you are not off the clock. And if you’re earning H it’s very unlikely that you can do any of those things, let alone all of them.
    2) Falsifying time can cost your job. When somebody decides they want to get you, they’ve got you. As a union rep I was periodically obliged to try the “everybody does it” defense. That is a very uphill battle.

    Back in the day, I found it simpler to just turn in a CTR noting “no meal break” or “compensable meal break” — and if the pushback started, offer to add “directed to falsify report by Time Unit” or OPS or whoever… If this actually expressed as Command or IMT policy, you might see if there isn’t a union rep in camp to do some schooling on behalf of the entire BU — and to apply on fairness grounds to non-Unit employees. Non-federal and contract employees will have a separate playbook to deal with.

    I would add that this is *not* a fight for every no-tenure, bottom-rung, temporary-status firefighter to initiate. Thirty minutes is not worth losing present or future employment. It *is* a push every person supervising or turning in time on behalf of others has a responsibility to make at the end of each and every shift. If everybody did it, the custom would not persist. Any crew boss, squad boss, engine captain, STL, DIVS, etc who won’t make that stand doesn’t deserve the support of their subordinates or their employer. IMHO, of course.

    OTOH, if you actually *are* off the clock and out of harms way at meal time, enjoy your break and don’t make a fuss about a few bucks you’re not really entitled to. Falsification works both ways.

  2. 37Years
    November 26, 2017 Reply

    Why not simply justify why you could not leave post of duty? As in continuing line/construction/firing and/or holding, steep slopes, low rh, high temps, spot fire potential etc. Sheesh, it can be done in about two sentences down in the remarks section. This might work better than being indignant and confrontational. “OTOH”, if you are actually telling some real whoppers maybe you should show a lunch break. For anyone on the fireline this “OTOH” should be a very rare occasion. A DIVS can always tell you to have someone else sign it, as in OSC, IC, or whoever.

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