Wildland Firefighter Foundation
Wildland Firefighter Foundation
  • 08/02/2015
  • Angela Alvarado

I want to become a firefighter and I’m told I need to attend an EMT basic training and firefighter academy. I’m just wondering if that’s for fire rescue and wildland. Thank you

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  1. Richard Ruiz
    August 14, 2015 Reply

    Depending on what department you want to work for, or agency, weather its a municipal department or through the forest service for wild land firefighting, the requirements will be different. For a municipal department it helps to have a fire academy under your belt and you can attend one at a community college, along with that try to get certified as an EMT as well, Paramedic is even better but EMT to get you started, both can most likely be found at your local community college.

    For wild land, getting your EMT certificate will definitely help. Also if you can get your S-130, S-190, and L-180 to certify you as a type 2 wild land fire fighter, you’ll definitely have a leg up on those that don’t and would need the department to train them. Most of those can be taken online through the National Fire Academy or at your local community college as well.

    Best of luck

  2. Kevin McGregor
    December 10, 2015 Reply

    Angela, I had gotten my training for the s-130 and the others that Richard has mentioned previously, while working as a volunteer for the Florida State Parks. They provided the training and when I went on my burns they were good about finding some loaner gear for me to use. The only stuff I had to purchase were my boots (they are expensive but definitely worth buying new) and my fire gloves. Another program that has helped a lot of folks get into the park service and get their training in as well is the Americorp Service. Florida does a huge amount of controlled burns and the way the different states and Federal agencies employ Americorp volunteers does very considerably. Bonus, at least with FL, is that you receive a living stipend and usually some basic housing (which sometimes is a tent in the campground where your working). Certainly an avenue to accomplish your goals to look into. Good luck!

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