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  • 07/29/2015
  • Ironfist
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Has anybody been tested or heard of anybody being drug tested for the New Forest Service drug testing policy, not the DOT test? Nothing around here.

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1 Comment
  1. styxfire
    July 29, 2015 Reply

    The DOI is implementing blood-testing of its firefighters, in a phased-in approach. Other tests include vision, hearing, heart, weight, breathing, etc. Firefighters are getting disqualified for many reasons, mainly because of what they revealed on the initial written exam.

    The judging process is described here: https://www.nifc.gov/medical_standards/
    However, the written standards aren’t available there. You have to request a copy of the written standards.

    I failed my test on 2 metrics, so have been stripped of all my arduous career quals:
    #1 Fail: an optional sleep medication I was prescribed a couple days prior to the exam, but have not yet started.
    #2 Fail: a doc visit for knee pain 4 years ago, which the doc advised wasn’t bad enough for surgery

    The written standards avoid saying what medications are allowed vs disallowed…it is vague and open to interpretation. Other issues are being flagged on a surprising basis. People in primary firefighter positions are losing their quals they must possess to keep their job. Their only option is to show past competency performing those skills despite what the WLFF doctors say.

    People in secondary firefighter positions are losing their arduous quals. Our only option now is to reveal our entire medical history to the overarching decision-maker.

    DOI Firefighters are under a tremendous, unethical, non-transparent attack. Please do not comply with any forms they force you to fill out. These forms appear to be non-legal. They suggest you need to provide info to them VOLUNTARILY. Please don’t make the same stupid mistake we did…our crew filled out the form, tricked into thinking we were volunteers, when really we were guinea pigs and now everyone in our chain of command and HR chain of command knows everything about our medical history. And most of that history had nothing to do with work. So if you’re DOI and you fill out their form, fill out NOTHING except 1 box, perhaps childhood surgery. Don’t admit to taking any adult med. In fact, taper off all meds completely, to the best of your ability, prior to the blood test. YOU DO NOT WANT THE HASTLE THIS ASSESSMENT WILL CAUSE YOU!!

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