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  • 08/15/2015
  • Bandito

HR 3363 was introduced  at the begining of the month but hasn’t got much conversation due to active fires and the recent tragedies. It is about time for recognition for the job we do. In the eyes of the public, cooperators and ourselves we are firefighters but too upper management we are just range or forestry techs( unless LODD ). This does not resolve pay issues  but it does take a step in the right direction. We have “firefighters” currently on the fireline making less than a burger flipper in Seattle. Right, wrong or indifferent we choose our own path but proper recognition as a federal wild land firefighter is way over due for those that have fallen, those that have retired and the ones that are out there now.

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  1. Leo
    August 19, 2015 Reply

    This has been WAAAY overdue for the last 30 years…

    Expecting change from both Congress and the LMA’s to ID more just a forestry tech and introduce the the “new WFF” series to OPM will take ANOTHER 30 years

    Standby to Standby….Good Luck

  2. Will Spyrison
    August 19, 2015 Reply

    Stay the course its not easy to effect change but worth the struggles to get there!

  3. Fruition
    August 20, 2015 Reply

    Now is the time for this atrocity to change. The USFS has lost 5 firefighters in the last 5 weeks fighting wildfires. In all the news clips and emails circulating around the country the fallen are referred to as firefighters not forestry technicians. Why does it take somebody dying to call these brave men and women what they are? These men and women finally need their job series to change to reflect the actual job and duties they perform. Please support HR3368 and let your friends, family and congressman know why this bill is so important. Please don’t let the same old election year excuse be used again like it has for the last two decades. Enough is Enough!!!

  4. Jonathan
    September 10, 2015 Reply

    Could someone please elaborate on how this plays out? I’m not too politically savvy. How do I go about supporting this?

  5. Fruition
    September 26, 2015 Reply

    Doesn’t seem like this topic has gained mush attention from anyone. Maybe Forest Service and other land management agency employees have finally got tired of the carrot that dangles every couple of years and then gets pulled away at the last second. Although I have to say that this bill has several legitimate co-sponsors, maybe this is the year. maybe it can be attached to a must pass bill. This bill is budget neutral and it goes along way to improve moral for the beat up federal fire agencies that spend all summer on fires and all winter implementing prescribed fire. It’s the right thing to do and hopefully it will pass.

  6. retired
    January 6, 2016 Reply

    FS wildland fighters,
    We’ve been fighting this battle for years and haven’t made much progress. I believe because upper management in the FS doesn’t care. On another note, I wanted to pass on some retirement thoughts for the young folks. You need to invest as much as possible during your FS career, or transfer to another agency. The retirement with the FS is not good after 30+ years, you struggle, and that’s not right.

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