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  • 06/27/2014
  • mwcizone

Anyone have any wear experience with the HAIX brand (Missoula model) boots? 

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  1. Your name...
    June 27, 2014 Reply

    I’ve been using them since the start of the summer. I am a fan of them. They are light and very comfortable once you get them broken in. I have not had them in any serious heat yet but an associate had them in a hot area while cutting a tree and said they didn’t heat up too bad or show any signs of delamination. They tend to run large. I ordered a half size smaller than normally wear. Some people had to order a full size smaller.

  2. Wildfirewilly
    June 28, 2014 Reply

    I got mine about a month ago and I love them.

  3. Justin
    June 29, 2014 Reply

    I’ve been wearing a pair since midway through last summer. Pros: Lightweight, better glue on the sole than Sportivas, reasonably comfortable, different lacing system than was better for my feet – something about the Sportiva lacing and tongue made my big toe fall asleep no matter how I adjusted them. Cons: Not very sturdy, like a lightweight Sportiva. Leather seems thinner, and lower quality than other, similar brands. Not much support for sidehilling on steep ground. Tongue, on mine at least, slips around at the top, leaving a gap where stuff can get in under the 8″ top of the boot.

    For me, at the moment, they work fine. I’m a helislacker, and I don’t need a heavy, beefy boot like the logger-style or Scarpas. Lightweight, comfortable, and the extra bit of temp rating on the sole glue is nice. I had mine heat up pretty good on one fire last year, and while I had hot-foot the sole never showed signs of delamination. A buddy was wearing Sportivas, and they started to delam in the same conditions. Like I said, they’re a pretty lightweight boot, especially if you’re doing a lot of hard hiking. I call them my helitack slippers, if that says anything.

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