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  • 04/08/2014
  • gmct
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I’m sure there is someone reading this that has worked at Regional Fire Hire this year who has seen the real hiring process, or someone that works in Albuquerque who has been told to do such and such regarding hiring. There is some Forest Supervisor or Division Chief reading this who has been pulled aside and told to follow hiring guidelines that are out of line with anti-discrimination protocols. Does one or a few of you have the guts to come clean here on TheySaid and tell us how it really is?
Good, qualified folks are being passed over and feel-good diversity hires are being gifted jobs. While that is not the case with every hire, it’s certainly happening enough clearly based on the response here on TheySaid.
So who is gonna step up and tell us all about the closed door meeting with Randy Moore, Jeannie-Wade Evans, Sharon Allen-Brick and Joe Millar? Who will tell all the details of the disgusting guidance being given to hiring authorities? Who is willing to risk their job to do right by the good people who give the USFS the only shred of integrity they have left?
When will we be back to hiring on a local level? How long until a reference is actually called to check on the quality of an applicant? How long until someone can call the Supervisor of crew and know that they are talking to the person who will be making the call to hire or not?

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