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  • 02/24/2016
  • dissapearing fed

So the hiring process has for the most part finished up, and I’ve got a situation. Applied for a few jobs, one promotional, one lateral transfer. The lateral puts me as non competitive eligible (which I’m still trying to understand) so the day comes when offers are being made for the said lateral job,  I get intel my application isn’t on the referral list, and is apparently nowhere to be found. I get passed up on all locations I selected. Now, my USA jobs shows I was referred, and the erecruit shows I was referred. Can somebody help me understand this? was it due to the non competitive eligibility that kept me off the referral list or did my magically disappearing application get me the axe? Confused and irritated. What a joke show….

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  1. dissapearing fed
    March 1, 2016 Reply

    So, nothing? No advice, no help, no suggestions, just gonna let some shady hiring practices continue to go? pretty much what Albuquerque said. Nobody wants to fight that battle…. No secret why this agency cant keep good people. I’ll just join the long line of people wanting out, and in 3 years won’t remember any of this. good luck. I wont miss it, and to the poor saps who have nothing else to look forward too, who drank the kool-aid, kudos to you to either being too educated to find another job or to stupid to leave…

  2. Melissa Baumann
    March 10, 2016 Reply

    Here’s hopefully a bit of help: The “non-competitive eligibility” simply means that because you qualify for a lateral (same grade and series), you can be selected for the position non-competitively. (There are other reasons people also get this status, but it sounds like you were lateral-eligible.)

    Now the “what can be done?”
    * Start by calling the ASC and finding out if, in fact, your name was on the list referred to the hiring officials. If they missed it, there are some remedies that can be made.
    * If you are a current employee and in a NFFE bargaining unit, a grievance can be filed, as long as your Local can identify something within the most recent 30 days to hang a hat on for a grievance. A response from ASC would be one thing. A notice that you weren’t selected for a position would be another, etc.

  3. Brad
    March 18, 2016 Reply

    Hi, I’ve got a story for you which is not exactly like yours, but is concerning. A friend of mine was trying to make it back to a specific location after taking a job elsewhere to get his foot in the door. He filled out his Fire Hire app and sent it in. The week of SME’s he got a call from a location he DID NOT apply for asking him the same type questions as disappearing feds questions. The same guy called him back first thing Monday for hiring week. Offered him a job to which my buddy said “I didn’t apply here”. The guy’s response was, “well if you don’t accept, I’m taking you off the hiring list”. So, he thought about it and said can I call you back? The guy said no I need an answer now.
    He declined the job and immediately called someone he knew was at Fire Hire. Unbelievably, his app was in the ‘discard pile’ as it were. But, the guy he called pulled it out and kept it in the circle.
    It’s very sad an unfortunate that we have managers that would stoop this low to screw an employee out of a job.
    Our Forest FMO was apprised of the situation and was able to find out which employee was being deceptive. Not sure what happened tho.

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