Some good, some bad.  Some political garbage and some sage wisdom.  At the least, a quick reference to the archives to remind us of the issues, lest we forget our past and neglect our future.
Dragon Tamers A paper on wildland firefighters from Tiny, The R5 Fire Pup, 04/05/00.
Dombeck 3/99 House Subcommittee on Appropriations for Interior and Related Agencies questions Dombeck policies.
Sadler Entrapment Report Official report on the Sadler Fire fire shelter deployment, near Elko, Nevada, August 8, 1999
Firefighter Pay Federal Firefighters Overtime Pay Reform Act of 1998.
Herger Rep. Herger's testimony before the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversite Subcommittee on Civil Service. 
Herger Again CA Rep. Herger blasts USFS Region 5 Forest Service Conference 1998.
Lyle Shook Quotes from Lyle Shook's retirement speech 11/98.
GACC Meeting 1998 National GACC Coordinators Meeting 1998.
Concerned Tax Payer A serious letter from a seriously disturbed person.
Kentucky Fatalities An insightful chronology regarding firefighters deaths in Kentucky, April 1999.
Pack Test Pack test suspended January, 1999.
Recruitment Problems A perspective regarding the difficulty of recruitment/retention of quality USFS employees.