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  • 11/09/2015
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I posted last year about ICS 201/214 & IAP InciNotes for the iPad, I have been using this great ICT 3 tool on my iPad for close to a year now and thought I would write an update to my previous post. InciNotes simplifies the documentation process and guides you through all the requirements of an Incident Commander Type 3. The real time reports and real time Incident Action Plan, simplifies the complexity of documenting an Incident. Great tool for training for ICT 5 – ICT3 and a perfect companion tool to use with Sand Table Exercises.

InciNotes recently released InciNotes ICS 214 app for iPhone and iPad what a great app for ICS 214 Unit Log documentation. Again nice feature is real time reports ability to tag GPS coordinates and a photo to the Unit Log events. This app is inexpensive and worth the purchase price. Checkout ICS214.com.



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  1. Tommy Triage
    November 11, 2015 Reply

    Safety Officer Review

    Awesome new iPad / ICS accountability tool. I have been involved with inciNotes team for over three years co-teaching incident mgmt tabletop exercises and have used the new concepts of incident documentation on real incidents including a few hurricane related events.

    This new ICS 214 app along with inciNotes IAP app will help to focus our attention to basic command, control and coordination activities in a structured method that ensures we as safety officers and other supervisors can quickly document actions and focus our attention on the job at hand versus playing secretary’s for the IC. It provides a platform to ensure that the risk factors, situation awareness and accountability of personnel are done by the established SOG’s and SOP’ of the depts and agencies in a consistent and repeatable process by any officer all the time .

    The hallmark of the guiding principles of Incident management is to follow the same game plan and control all the time. This app ” ics214″ and its big brother inciNotes” IAP apps allow for uniform on scene real time size up, command, with a problem solving process that will help to ensure everyone goes home.

    Simple to use and share for real time CAN reports as well as after action reviews, documentation and the dreaded, “chief I screw up report” (which should be reduced by using this tool).- submitted by Tom Schwartz, serving with the fire service since 1968 / and helping at the local, state and national level for over 37 years with IMS development and training ! PS- wished I had this 30 years ago, would have saved me a lot of,” chief I screwed letters”.

  2. Will Spyrison
    November 11, 2015 Reply

    InciNotes is the only app specifically designed for ICS 201 & IAP documentation, and now the same breakthrough technology is available for team leaders, making ICS 214 documentation simple and easy. InciNotes ICS 214 simplifies the documentation process for all critical and non-critical aspects of an incident, using your iPhone or iPad.

    Features include:
    • Document any kind of event by adding custom event types, attaching GPS coordinates, or attaching images.
    • Log all team personnel, ICS positions, and phone numbers
    • Create reports in an instant, containing all the data for an Operational Period
    • Easily print, e-mail, message, or upload reports to other team members, supervisors, or documentation repositories
    • 24-hour technical support
    • More coming soon!

    InciNotes ICS 214 follows the FEMA Standard Operating Procedures for first responders, and meets requirements for Incident Command System 214 documentation (NIMS) All Risk Incidents

  3. Will Spyrison
    November 13, 2015 Reply

    For those of you who the ICS 214 InciNotes Team just subbmitted version1.0.2 for review to Apple hopefully be released some time next week.

  4. Polo Rodriguez
    November 15, 2015 Reply

    Another Great Tool

    I have been using InciNotes since its release back in 2013. Great application for managing Type 3 wildfire incidents or any type of all risk incidents. I was excited to download InciNotes ICS 214 application when I saw it was released. I purchased InciNotes ICS 214 on 9/11 what a fitting date to release such a great application. InciNotes ICS 214 works just like the description says in the Apple App Store. Just as in InciNotes, I can send out real time reports with the touch of a finger to any one that needs to be in the know.

    Its amazing how it has streamlined, simplified and easy it makes documenting your ICS 214 Unit Log. Customer service is awesome if I need technical support; the InciNotes team has been there for me 24/7. I applaud the InciNotes team for listening to my feedback and incorporating that feedback into future releases.

    Polo Rodriguez

  5. Will Spyrison
    December 27, 2015 Reply

    We have done Bold price reduction on InciNotes™ this was based on our Mission and Vision to great tools into the hands of Firefighters and First Responders. InciNotes now 29.99.

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