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  • 04/05/2014
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After last years problems with hiring they had AARs to  discuss them. I sat in on the one for fire hiring and there were many promises  made of what they would do so it didn’t happen this year. Sounds like they  didn’t do it.

One example from last year was a temp with 12 years experience on helitack  crews put in for a new one that was being formed. He received notification that  he wasn’t qualified for the same job on this new crew. Since the supervisor knew  that the guy was qualified he contacted the HR person who was handling the  entire region’s fire applications. She was reluctant to discuss the application  with him, but he was persistent so they went through it together. They  discovered she didn’t know to punch the qualifications tab to see his  qualifications. They discovered this in time to get this guy the job, but you  have to wonder how many she had deemed unqualified before she was educated.  After all she said she was doing it for the entire region. This was brought to  ASCs attention, but they didn’t see any major problem with it and assured us on  the AAR that they would educate them better in the future. This was also done on  a no fire application which we tried to get OSC to do something about, but they  wouldn’t.

I don’t know what the answer is, but somebody needs to band together and  force them to fix it. Regional fire hire is not the answer, it’s part of the  problem.

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