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  • 05/15/2014
  • Ken Jordan

Just wanted to thank everyone who I had the honor of working with during the past 40 years in fire, when I first joined the El Cariso Hotshots with my high school friends Kevin and Carlton Joseph and saw/ trapping partner Joe Molhoek, in the mid 70’s, we cut practice line every day … no water! I knew if I stayed in the Hotshot organization and the Forest Service I would continue to work with hardworking folks of great integrity! This all proved to come true as I retired last January 30th in my dream position as the Sup of the Sierra IHC, the crew I retired with was made of the same steel as the crew I started with, fired up, professionals, maybe a little older, family men, maybe alot more sober, but Hotshots to the bone, who still ended up cutting line nearly every day, (Its all yours Al!)

I will miss the adventure, the travel, the free food, fun times on the Bald Mountain Helishots, Australia (thanks Uncle Baldridge), Florida, Texas, the five years in South Dakota, Yellowstone, nearly every state in the Union! Went by so fast, greatest job in the world, had a chance to serve the best country ever, doing the most exciting job there is, and none of it even compared to the colorful, dedicated and amazing people I got to know over the years (too many to mention,) I will miss working with nearly every one of you. I feel I have been a truly blessed man! So, Please, try not to whine, be safe and appreciate what you have! Hang tough Hotshots! Stay fired up and God Bless,

Ken Jordan

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  1. Brad Martin
    June 24, 2014 Reply

    Congratulations on a very well deserved retirement. I say deserved knowing full well that if they let you, you would hotshot until you turned to dust all the while calling for “no whining”. You will be missed in the fire community and welcomed in to your new advetures in the future.

  2. Lalo
    June 26, 2014 Reply

    Happy trails Ken, when I heard you were retiring I didn’t belive it, but I guess even the best have to
    hang-up the boots. I still remember and always will the incident you told me about the Homelite saw
    falling over the cliff and you still firing it up, always a hommie.

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