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  • 03/09/2017
  • Temp Fire
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Someone out there I ask for your help! I just recently found out I am disqualified for competing under the LMFA because I didn’t provide ALL my end of season evals throughout my seasonal career. Well, here is the problem. When you are applying to these positions there is ONE specific question that asks about evals and it states: “Please provide your MOST RECENT eval”, naturally I provided my 2016 eval as it is my MOST RECENT. Unfortunately, because it does not ask for all your end of season evals—–   ANYWHERE in the application process—- I did not attach all my other evals. Because of this I am out of the running for any perm. positions under the merit program. I have already let some HR person have it over this (I felt provoked with the cold responses to my problem) and asked to escalate it to no avail. They are like robots in Albuquerque service center, trained machines to read off a script and cant actually deal with real problems. So I am left wondering is there anything I can do??? Thank You

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1 Comment
  1. Your name...
    March 14, 2017 Reply

    I had the same situation and experience.

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