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  • 06/02/2016
  • Krs Evans

Ok Guys, I need a little help here.
I’m on OWCP disability since a tree strike in 2001, so the income is rather tightly fixed, hilariously small, and I just got back from the dentist… Haven’t had much dental done since the accident, as it’s one of the few things OWCP doesn’t cover- and the “why didn’t you get checkups?” is a long depressing story for a different time.

So Anyway, (And I’m going to be blunt here) I need some cash.
Now put away your check-books… For now… “Donations” are Great, but I want and feel the need to do something for it.

Now it’s been… Damn near 16 years since the accident, so many of you gentle readers probably haven’t a clue who I am.
Here are some references:
I’m in the “When A Tree Fails: Working Around Danger Trees” R5 training video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9UzFS0jUiQ
Heard of the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center’s Two More Chains publication? I’m in the Summer 2011 issue, here: http://www.wildfirelessons.net/resources/twomorechains (Scroll down to get the PDF)
And the “Recovery Story” is here: http://www.krstofer.org/firstyear.htm

Since… 2004(?) I’ve been traveling the west every spring talking to crews about the accident. The Official Report of said accident & some other things can be found here: http://krstofer.org/poplar/
So. As I was typing, I (try to) travel around every spring with an about 90 slide powerpoint & a “There I Was and this is No Shit…” story of … How i managed to not die when a 67′ Black Locust came out of the burn & smacked me over the head.
The “I’ll come talk to you…” page is here: http://www.krstofer.org/speaking.htm where you can find more info & an example of the powerpoint from a few years ago.
The whole thing from “Hey What’s Up?” to “See All Y’All Later!” takes about… 2 hours & change, depending on how many questions are asked.

Over the past… What.. 13 years I’ve been in front of about 1/2 the R5 crews.. I’ve been to … R1, R4, R3, a little bit of R2 and even went out to R8 in… 2002 to accept an award from the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Natural Resources & Environmental Protection Cabinet for my efforts in protecting the “rich natural resources and environmental wealth of Kentucky”. Yes, they made me an Admiral there.

I’m on a first name basis with Vicki Minor, Jody Prummer, Pete Duncan, Mike Sherman, Rick Cowell and Ron Marley… Off the top of my head.
So if you are wondering if I’m worth the effort of getting me in front of your guys.. Don’t take my word- get ahold of one of them & ask who the ! Krs Evans is.
Doesn’t really matter where you are- I can drive and or fly.. I’ve done “The Show” in venues as lowly as the engine bay all the way up to the Huge Conference Room.. And even did it once in fire camp. Buy me lunch, give me a place to sleep & fill my tank and I’m happy. Oh Yeah. Pass the Hat for my teeth?

Also… Well, I make things. So if you can’t swing seeing me but still want to help, you can-
If you have a Charger / Adapter ( http://crew13.com/adapter.htm ) in your pack, I made it.
If you have a Toy Hose Roller ( http://crew13.com/hoseroller.htm ) on the rig… I made it.
If you have a Toy Hose Clamp ( http://crew13.com/toyhose_clamp.htm ) somewhere… I made that too, but I don’t make them anymore.

If you don’t have but would like any of those items, you can get them on the above links.
You’ll help me out, and have something more than a good feeling to show for it.

So. I’d like some help getting my teeth fixed (because OWCP sure as hell wont) but I want to work for it.

Hook a Guy Up…?


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  1. stringtown
    July 3, 2016 Reply

    I am so sorry I missed this Krs…sorry no one reached out in your time of need. I hope you’re in a better place, climbing mountains and chewing on some good grub with perfect teeth.

  2. Tonia Sherman (wife of Mike)
    July 5, 2016 Reply

    R.I.P. Krs you will be greatly missed :'( I am sure you are up to some ass thing though. Go have some new fun

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