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Northern CA Butte County Public Safety Scanner The Net 411
Butte County - More options off the home page.
Northern CA Butte County
Redding City
Shasta County
Fire, LE, EMS
Northern CA ScanCal.Org Listen
CalFire, USFS
Northern CA Nevada County Listen Fire, Police
Central CA El Dorado Scanner WinAmp
Windows Media
CalFire, USFS
Central CA Tuolomne/Calaveras LE, CalFire, USFS, Med.
Central CA Amador County
Currently Offline
LE, CalFire, USFS, Med.
Central CA the Listen
CalFire, BLM, County fire
Southern CA Big Bear Scanner Big Bear Scanner CalFire, USFS, local fire
Southern CA Wrightwood Online CalFire, USFS, local fire
Southern CA Santa Clarita Valley N/A Angeles/Los Padres NF, others
Southern CA San Ramon VFPD Listen CalFire, County
Southwest, OR Listen ODF, County
Yakima WA Yakima Scanner Live Listen Upper/Lower Yakima Valley Fire

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