Mariposa Co, R-5, 2001
Photos taken by members of the Arroyo Grande Flight Crew.
Narrative on the description page thanks to Tom Plymale.
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Arroyo Grande C527 On board Rappel Rappeller Away
Hemlock Fire Dust Hemlock Hike Out Democrat Fire Line Democrat LZ
Kelly Sewell 527 Water Drop Kelly Line Up Klamath
Bucking on Tickner Tickner Tanker Tickner Snags Castillo Burnout
Crew on Castillo Blue Fire airborne Blue 212 Drop Fire Fighter
Blue Flame1 Blue Flame 2 Sawdog Blue Torches
Blue Juniper Blue Run Blue Helispot Shields Fire
Shields Briefing Shields Burn Jumpers on Board Highway Fire Helispot
Highway Line Highway Trenchline Hyampom Fire AT Hyampom AT 2
Dozer on Hyampom Hyampom DC62 Alamo Group Line Construction
Pines Burnout Pines Silhouette Birch Fire Rappel Sunburst
Sudden Fire

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