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Basler Turbo, GJT Basler Turbo, GJT C-130, T-64, 2000 C-130, Tanker 131
DC-4, T-14, GJT, '00 DC-4, Tanker 15 DC-4, T-152, 2001 DC-4, T-152
DC-4, T-160, GJT, '00 DC-6, Tanker 68 DC-6, T-68, 2000 DC-7, T-66
DC-7, T-66, GJT, '02 DC-7, T# Unknown '00 GJT Fire Season '01 AT Drop '02
B-26 Alberta '04 B-26 again CL-415's & 214's AA 13 @ Porterville
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