May 10-15, 2007

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Engines from Across the Water

Photos of Eric Smith, FWS

Catalina Island Fire Engines at LCAC Base "Camp Pendleton Base" Closer- CNF Engines
Nat Wildlife Refuge E58 Early Morning 26 Miles Engines on Hover Craft, aka
Landing Craft Air Cushion
Burning Out ICS System
How DIVS Patrolled
Engines on Barge Barge Fully Loaded
Helo Dipping &
Catalina Express
Helo Dipping Closeup Avalon
How Close Fire Came

3 Photos of Cleveland National Forest Engines - 5/10/07, also Eric Smith's


From the Air (ATGS = Air Tactical Group Supervisor)

Photos of Capt. Ron Serabia  ATGS  taken on 5/10/07  Access HUGE photos HERE @ hpwren.
Photos of Ron Serabia, ATGS - 5/10/07  In some large photos you can see CalFire's Airtankers.

Photos of Ron Serabia, ATGS - 5/10/07


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