Sequoia NF, R-5, 2000

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DivY02 DivY03 DivY04 DivY05
DivY01 DivY06 DivY08 DivY09
DivY10 DivY11 DivY12 EvacManter01
EvacManter02 EvacManter03 EvacManter04 EvacManter05
EvacManter06 EvacManter07 EvacManter08 Header
KennedyMeadow01 KennedyMeadow02 KennedyMeadow03 ManterMeadow01
ManterMeadow03 S2 S2Drop Torching
Understory ManterMeadow02 Heli1 Heli2
Heli3 Heli4 Heli5 Heli6
Heli7 Heli8 Kennedy Torching Kennedy Torching 2

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