Evelyn Brenner

US Forest Service, Plumas NF, Oroville District

 Evelyn Brenner came to Oroville in 1988. She went on to work as a firefighter in Brush Creek the following year and attended the first wildland training academy in 1990.

On Tuesday, she was remembered by her friends and colleagues of the fire service.  A memorial service took place at the Ramsey Funeral Home on Robinson Street for Brenner, 43, of Oroville, who died after being shot on October 1 near Sixth Street and Grand Avenue.

Evelyn Janette Brenner was born in 1963, in Orange, California to Everett Clayton and Barbara Patterson. She grew up in Huntington Beach and loved being outdoors. Brenner had six siblings and was devoted to her three sons.

From 1990 to 1994, she worked on numerous community events, such as Feather Fiesta Days, take-a-kid fishing days, Smokey Bear school programs, and other fire prevention programs. In 1995, she moved back to Engine 33 as an assistant fire engine operator.

In 2000, she moved to the position as District Dispatcher where she was the happiest, according to her co-workers. "Her number one priority was to take care of the firefighters from red cards to timesheets; taking water samples for out stations to off-forest travel details. Evelyn also made sure everybody was in before going home. She made sure things were taken care of.  Her voice at the Feather River Nation will be missed," her fellow firefighters said. Brenner served as a firefighter for the Plumas National Forest for 17 years.

Butte County Sheriff's detectives have arrested David E. Brenner, 60, as the suspect in the homicide. He has been arraigned on charges of first degree murder using a firearm and is expected to enter a plea in court on Oct. 17, according to the District Attorney's Office.

OriginalAb Note:  I knew Evelyn from her first year as a crewmember on the Brush Creek engine.  After she became the Oroville District Dispatcher, I worked closely, at least over the telephones and radios, with her for several years.  After admiring her dispatching skills and dedication to her job, I invited her to the Plumas NF ECC to help us out one busy Summer where she did exceptionally well.  She enjoyed the faster pace, rapidly learned the new duties, and perhaps most importantly, quickly gained the respect of and made friends with all the other dispatchers.  She became a frequent and highly appreciated worker in the ECC there after.  Her friendly voice and smiling face will be sorely missed.  OA

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