Sponge Bob, Kidnapped from FireCamp!
The Story, 2003

Ab, could you please post this for me?

Ok, this goes back a bit but I just caught word of this topic the other day. Back on aug 29, Robbie sent in a post to Familysaid regarding an incident concerning a toy sponge bob square pants being kidnapped... hmmm... well, here is the whole story (abridged version) "as I heard it".

It was late in the day...tired...run down...needed something to fire things up and create a diversion. A decision was made to kidnap Sponge Bob who was sitting on a conference room table. Soon after Bob's disappearance a note appeared on a hallway bulletin board. Enter exhibit A: "original note.jpg" the original notice of sponge bobs kidnapping.

The following morning someone had clipped a small piece of yellow sponge and tacked it to the bulletin board. Snickering could be heard up and down the hallway as various folks "took a stroll down the hall". It seems this only infuriated the perpetrators who felt they were not being taken seriously.

So over the course of the next several days different images of the kidnapped Sponge Bob appeared on the bulletin board showing various ways he could meet his doom. Enter exhibits B: squished_bob.jpg, C: sloowwww_death.jpg, D: bridge.jpg and E: vise.jpg

(Click photos to view larger image and words.)
Squished Bob Sloowww Death Bridge Vise

Unfortunately at this point in time, the person relating this story to me said he had a massive dumb attack and failed to collect any other physical "evidence". So, from here on out everything is hearsay.

As no demands had yet been presented that would secure Bob's release, some in the building were beginning to get nervous, fearing the bloody demise of their precious little Bob, so a furious exchange of communications occurred on a daily basis via the hallway bulletin board. Each reply to the pleas for knowledge of how to secure Bob's release was met with another visual depiction of a way Bob could meet his maker...bob in a vise with a hand saw ready to cut him in two...crushed by the tire of a Ford F250 4x4, stomped under the vibram soles of a size 10 boot, shredded to ribbons by a Stihl chainsaw among numerous others. But no demands were posted.

Finally after a few more days of increased activity and many more "trips down the hall" by various folks to see the latest turn of events... the demands were posted...1 large bag of fun size snickers and a 6 pack of "miscellaneous" beverage.

Oh, how the local folks whined... going on and on about the poor pay of government employees and how they couldn't afford such pricey demands.... The kidnappers had little sympathy... Then things got reeeeeel messy.

Some in the office felt they knew who had kidnapped Bob, and counter kidnapped a toy UofM mascot "The Grizz". As the original meeting time neared there were a frenzy of messages, each side demanding the release of the hostages. A meeting was finally set up and Bob and The Grizz were returned to their rightful owners... and the bag of snickers and a good laugh was enjoyed by all...

Now my story tellin skills arent very good.. but I hope you enjoyed

Name and address withheld to protect the guilty 

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