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Airliner near Melbourne Australia Wildfire NASA view Closeup from NASA
Wildfire Australia Column Location map 2/12/09 Night Fire
Burnt Up Truck Arial View of City Destroyed Car Destroyed City
Tragedy Burned Homes Exit Blocked Koala & FF Dave Tree
Wildfire Trunks & Ash Cluster of Cars Tragedy
Kangaroo GPSed GPS: Mob, Troop or
Herd of Kangaroos
Aerial Photos from OB, 3/2/09
Pics of not only active fire but all the brown tracts of fire scar where the fire hasn't necessarily
crowned but has caused all the leaves of the eucalypts to die from the ground fire.
Other sections -- commercial forests where pine has been planted which had been turned into sticks,
but that was both the pines & eucs, and mainly on the front range where it rises from the flat lands
More aerial pics from OB... Pines and Eucs -sticks front range where it rises
from the flat lands;
Melbourne top rightish

Also PPS Slideshow immediately after the fires
Photographers unknown

7 sec aerial video clips from OB:  Clip I   Clip II   Clip III

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