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  • 07/22/2014
  • Ab

This announcement is specific to GACC maps (North and South) available for the following – this information is also in the attached PDF. At the bottom of this are the links to the Known Aviation Hazards maps as well – a little notification duplication doesn’t hurt! J



CA Geospatial PDFs downloadable links for mobile devices (and many other uses as well!):  (Hint: your GIS folks might help you plot these out if you want paper copies – be nice to them! They work very hard for you and me!)


Mobile Device needs? Down load maps to your mobile device – all maps are geospatially enabled and can be downloaded using the QR code OR loaded to your device using iTunes or Google. These include Direct Protection Maps (DPA), State Responsibility Maps (SRA), Dispatch Maps, Ownership Maps, and Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS) Maps.


Contact: Lorri Peltz-Lewis lpeltzlewis@fs.fed.us or 916-995-3107


To download all the maps (including all aviation hazard maps go here):

NORTH:   ftp://ftp.nifc.gov/Incident_Specific_Data/CALIF_N/z_Aviation/

SOUTH:   ftp://ftp.nifc.gov/Incident_Specific_Data/CALIF_S/z_Aviation/



Direct Protection Maps (DPA) available:

name on the X: drive 1_north_ops_dpa_20140603.pdf


name on the X: drive 1_south_ops_dpa_20140603.pdf



name on the X: drive 1_north_ops_dpa_own_20140603.pdf



name on the X: drive 1_south_ops_dpa_own_20140603.pdf


State Responsibility Area (SRA) maps available:


name on the X: drive 1_north_ops_sra_20140625.pdf



name on the X: drive 1_south_ops_sra_20140625.pdf





Dispatch Maps:

name on the X: drive 1_north_ops_dispatch_20140609.pdf


name on the X: drive 1_south_ops_dispatch_20140609.pdf


Ownership Maps:

name on the X: drive 1_north_ops_raws_20140624.pdf


ftp://ftp.nifc.gov/Incident_Specific_Data/CALIF_S/z_Aviation/OwnPLSS 2014_SoOps.pdf 
name on the X: drive 1_south_ops_raws_20140624.pdf




Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS) Maps:

name on the X: drive 1_north_ops_raws_20140624.pdf


name on the X: drive 1_south_ops_raws_20140624.pdf



Known Aviation Hazards Maps by Forest are also available through the following links:

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  1. David Carrera
    July 23, 2014 Reply

    Also the Forest service t drive has all the Forest Maps for region 5 as well and there referenced so the work great with the iPad.

    All the latest R5 forest visitor maps (geopdf) are located here:
    T:\FS\Reference\RSImagery\ProcessedData\r05\Forest Visitor Maps\FVM_GeoPdf

    1. Robert Scott
      July 28, 2014 Reply

      Thanks David. Great info and a great way to get maps out. Any other map resources lurking on the T: Drive for consumption?

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