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  • 04/09/2014
  • Good Luck!
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Well, I’d like to try and answer some of your questions and give you some things to do to help step up. First, where did you hear of the meetings between those people? You know that if it did happen there will be no one that will step forward, especially any upper management puppets. No one in the S.O. or R.O. will come out and say we are doing illegal acts in the hiring. Why do you think we aren’t doing hiring on the district anymore? It’s easier for the higher-up to manipulate our hiring if we have no say-so in the final hire.

Secondly, don’t assume no-one is doing anything, and truthfully, you have to step up also if you feel something is not right. I know that after this last round of temp hiring and the illegal acts that were being done, a couple of us put in whistleblowers for the acts that we are seeing. I would recommend getting ahold of the Office of Special Counsel and put a whistleblower’s complaint in also. The site is www.osc.gov/. If enough people start putting in complaints about wrongdoings, then maybe we can bring light on our situation and someone will start asking questions.

Good Luck

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