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"Red Curry Squash" Soup

Submitted by Robbie on 11/9/03.

1"red curry" squash or "buttercup" squash, baked soft1Tbspoil
 1can13.5 fluid oz of coconut milk (almost 1 and 3/4 cup)1tsp basil, scrunched to release flavor
 2-3cupsof a 1 quart box container of soy milk3garlic cloves, pressed
 2tspcurry powder (or to taste)1pretty, medium onion, chopped
 1/2tsp  salt

Cut squash in half; clean out seeds. Bake facedown at 350 degrees until soft. A toaster oven works fine and takes about an hour. A deep cast iron skillet with lid - on top of the woodstove also cooks it in about an hour. If your woodstove is hot, be careful not to burn it. Scoop meat into blender. Add coconut milk and soy milk. Blend. Simmer mixture in soup pot for 15-20 minutes or longer. More soy or coconut milk can be added to reach the consistency you like.

In a separate pan, heat oil, scrunch and add basil, garlic, onion and salt. Sauté gently until onions are clear. If you have any soy milk left over, add a dollop to aid sautéing if you like. Add all to the soup pot at the end.  


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