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  • 07/28/2014
  • MtEddy
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Hey all,

As you may or may not be aware, we have been focusing a lot of our attention lately on maps and Spatial Analysis.  With that, I get quite a few documents in a day having to do with GIS, GPS, Maps, and how technology is impacting our world.  This is a great article that discusses the positives, negatives, and impacts that tech has on our ability to read maps without the use of technology. I know I have seen it in my field tenure.  Let’s not forget our roots!

The human brain is a remarkable organ. It has the ability to reason, create, analyze, and process tons of information each day. The brain also gives humans the ability to move around in an environment using an innate sense of direction. This skill is called spatial orientation, and it is especially useful for finding routes in an unfamiliar place, following directions to another person’s house, or making a midnight raid of the refrigerator in the dark. Spatial orientation is crucial for adapting to new environments and getting from one point to another. Without it, people will walk around in endless circles, never being able find which way they want to go.
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1 Comment
  1. Tom
    July 29, 2014 Reply

    I’m pretty sure my hippocampus needs fine tuning!

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