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  • 07/24/2014
  • Mt. Eddy
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Hey all,

I hope everyones season has been off to a good start.  I know ours has been full of excitement, adventure, and challenge.  To run Wildlandfire.com isn’t just a job, it is a passion.  One we took one with the trust of Steve and Mellie that we would see this thing through.

Our first year was a tough year, we had started off loosing Luke Sheehy in June and then followed by the Granite Mountain Incident.  Several others passed on last year as well. The site was hacked by the Syrian Army last summer, and now the relaunch of the website.

We understand there are many issues with change, but the biggest thing I hope folks see, changes have been good and we’ve been doing our best to respond to the requests of the individuals as soon as we can to get the progress happening.

Over the next few weeks, we will be launching new tools to the public.  We are beta testing the tools now with a group of moderators and folks who signed up to help us test out the tools.  I am very excited for the reactions so far.  There are bugs, and we were aware of that.  But the ultimate impact, is a clean way to report incidents on the site.

This will help get a map up right away as well and provide more situational awareness tools to the troops on the ground.

And lastly, the store… The store is in its final stages of development.  We have sent it out for review a few times to make sure we caught all the loose ends.  I am confident now, you will have a great place to shop for products and services on the site.

Anyhow, keep the communications coming.  We enjoy hearing from our crowd.  Sometimes we get hammered on comments about why we did this or that, but ultimately, we understand and we honor the comments.  We are firefighters, so we have thick skin.

Stay safe out there!  Good things are coming


Mt. Eddy!

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1 Comment
  1. 1965T120R
    July 25, 2014 Reply

    Thank you for all you do and the server speed is back to normal. Thank you.

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