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FIRST EVER 20-Man USFS Hotshot Fire Crew 1938

This is my pop Kenny Molver, highlighted standing in the background with the FIRST EVER USFS 20-man fire crew known as “The Flying 20 Hotshots.”
Photo taken by a news reporter doing a story on firefighter training at the Mackenzie Bridge Fire in 1938. The term hotshots was coined by the reporter, asking the crew if thought of themselves as a bunch of hotshots… Yes they were. Since my Kenny was the ranger station’s clerk/typist, he saved the photos that the reporter mailed to him.

Five years earlier my pop and his brother Dan with their eldest brother Micky, who was a Civilian Conservation Corps Firefighter, found work on the Tillamook Burn. Micky was assigned to a fire crew and my pop and Dan worked at a camp kitchen. In 1940 my pop joined his pop’s logging business for a couple of years, then found himself in the Army, assigned to a Navy hospital camp in New Caledonia, working in the kitchen. FWIW, Brian, San Jose, CA

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