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  • 07/29/2016
  • r1 capt

Ok so I have applied for numerous jobs  to get closer to my family. I have had countless interviews and still nothing. Additionally, I have even applied for downgrades from my current level. I would like to think i’m a top hire with TFLD, ICT4, ENGB, FIRB. Is there anyway you can call ASC and get the notes from your panel interviews? I’ve tried to get advice from the lead officials but no one calls me back.

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  1. FOIA1
    July 29, 2016 Reply

    You can request via e-mail all the documentation including notes associated with your application. It is considered a Freedom of Information Act request. Certain things will be redacted (blacked out) such as names of evaluators and contacted references. I have done this before with my previous applications and have actually gained some valuable insight as to how to improve my application. However, FOIA allows 20 working days before you may receive documents responsive to your request. I would not recommend requesting the selected applicants application as 95% of it is typically redacted. Hope this helps.

  2. Todd
    July 30, 2016 Reply

    There is a specific process and format to follow if requesting information under the FOIA, so I suggest searching to find the best method. Under the FOIA, you need to be very specific about you want, and generalization will get you next to nothing. You can also rub some the wrong way by requesting this, so be forewarned.

    Also, remember quals are not the only thing that sets an applicant apart from the next. Diversity in your experience, how well you interview, larger program initiatives, extra skills, leadership and supervisory attributes.

    What are your references saying about you?
    What are others saying about you if called?
    Supervisor checks?
    What region and agency are you applying for?
    Have you asked the hiring officials for feedback?

  3. r1 capt
    July 30, 2016 Reply

    FOIA1 and Todd,
    Thank you so much for the insight. I redid my resume this year to completely capture everything I have ever done working for the government (this does include other projects, supervisory skills, and assignments not related to wildland fire.) My thoughts are if there is improvement so I can bring a stronger “A” game I want to know. I know quals and such only carry so much weight, I just want to be the go to candidate that units desire.

    1. efinger
      August 3, 2016 Reply

      Really don’t be bashful about talking yourself up in your resume and make it look professional! I know its petty in this business, but if I see a resume that’s unorganized, confusing and rushed, I tend to view the applicant as such.
      In most of the jobs I didn’t get, I think the decisions are made in the interview. Be ready for the unorthodox questions! Not just the same old “what are your weaknesses” questions. Picture yourself as a supervisor and what challenges you might face as ICT4 and a manager.

      If you’re just doing phone interviews you may never get a position. I think with the FS there are so many places to apply that the local hiring officials don’t really think that people are serious about moving. In order to actually get hired somewhere I think you need to buck up and travel down to where they are working and talk with them face-to-face. Even if they aren’t in the interview process yet. That will let them know youre serious. And then they will know you once the interviews start. I did that and got called the next week with an offer.

      If you have all those quals you obviously have at least a PSE position. You can always file a family hardship grievance!!!!

      PS: FIRE HIRE sucks. Its another example of how federal firefighters are considered second-class employees and don’t have the same rights and freedom as others. I’d like to tell the GS-fantastic ologists that they can only hire people twice a year and if they miss the deadline they cant use the applications and have to wait 6 months. I addition to that the selection process will be made by people who dont have to work with the new hire.

  4. DZ
    August 3, 2016 Reply

    Actually it sounds like since Fire Hire has been such a bad idea, they are planning on extending it to everyone in R5 here soon – including the GS-fantastic ‘ologists as you call them. So I’ve heard.

    Seems terrible ideas get better if they are consistently applied.

  5. rangel
    August 3, 2016 Reply

    Fire Hire is a national program being forced onto the regions as a way to get to diversity quotas. We tried it in 2000 in R 1 and it was such a farce that they didn’t try it again. Then in 2013 the regional fire director suggested we do it to the RLT. As the union rep on the RLT I gave a speech against it using the 2000 fiasco and the problems R5 has been having and it got voted down by the leadership team. I knew there was more to it then we knew when the RF suggested back door ways to get it started. The next spring the national fire leadership said we WOULD partner up with R3 and start a Fire Hire, end of conversation. Anyone that does hiring knows it is the most expensive and inefficient way to hire, but it give management the most control.

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