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  • 03/16/2016
  • rtnrn

What do you think?
NFFE is in negotiations with the Forest Service about implementing the Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act. Although the Union believes the Agency should have implemented, and then negotiated further procedures with us, the Agency has failed to move forward on implementation. Thus, we are at a juncture where we are trying to develop reasonable procedures around what documentation application need to provide. To be eligible, applicants must:
1) have been initially appointed under competitive procedures;
2) have served at least 24 months without a break of service more than 24 months; and
3) have had acceptable performance throughout the service period(s).
What documentation do you feel is appropriate to require applicants to provide to verify each of these requirements. Answer below, or send an email to baumann.nffe@gmail.com. — Melissa Baumann, Secretary-Treasurer of NFFE, Forest Service Council

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  1. Cris
    March 20, 2016 Reply

    Their SF-50s should show each time they were hired and laid off. That will provide the continuity and length of employment. Their performance evaluations are all in the Forest Service maintained electronic system, though that was implemented more recently. It seems like Albuquerque should access to all those forms, but they make the fire fighter provide them for fire hire for some reason anyway. In short, the documents currently required when applying to a fire hire job should cover it.

  2. Fruition
    March 20, 2016 Reply

    Not sure why it’s taking so long for USFS and OPM to figure this out. We have numerous long term temps out there just waiting for their chance to finally get permanent and they can’t get any answers. The best way to solve this mess this out is to let seasonals buy back their seasonal time after 1989. This would be great for current permanent employees and also would allow the long term seasonals a shot at receiving a pension for all of their dedicated years that they get zero credit for. Cal Fire employees get credit towards retirement during their seasonal years but of course USFS employees don’t. No wonder why we keep losing employees to Cal Fire. Temps being able to buy back seasonal time is part of the legislation that seems like it faded away shortly after it was introduced last year. Never seemed to get any traction what so ever. Don’t worry I’m sure a different version will get introduced again after the election and we will all have a fresh carrot to chase for a couple of more years and nothing will ever change.

  3. matt
    October 8, 2016 Reply

    Does anyone know if any agencies are hiring FFs or LEs over the age of 37 now?

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